Monday, July 24, 2006

Off to the Philippines

So today I am off to the Philippines on a work trip...

I will be there three weeks taking part in 2 project evaluations and a workshop. It should be a good trip, but it leaves Brett with all the packing...

I get back from my trip 6am 12 Aug and we are moving that weekend so everything will be packed when I get back.

I probably won't be able to keep you updated while I am travelling, but if I can I will.

Love to all

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Freakin' stoopid hot!

So, for about the last month running, we have had temperatures of around 30-37C nearly every day. But, the problem is not with the sheer temperature, but with the has been roughtly 80% humidicyl, which is just plain oppressive. Luckily we had a fair old thunderstorm today, which helped drop the temp back into the 20s for the evening, but it's going to be stoopid hot again tomorrow, with no end in sight.

One of the real cons with this kind of heat is Germans and their facination with short shorts. And we aren't talking a pretty facination with them either, but quite a disturbing one.
There seems to be a trend for 40-something men to wear cut-off jeans shorts, cut so short that you can nearly see the beans and frank hanging out the bottom. EW! We even saw a chick the other night whos arse cheeks were literally hanging out the bottom of her shorts. Not a pretty sight.

The other thing that Germans like to do in Summer, is to wear Tivas, or other kinds of sandal things. Now, I don't disagree with this at all, as I like to kick around in my Tivas too. The difference between me and the Germans is that I choose not to wear socks with my Tivas...

Na ja, it certainly is a different world we live in now... :)


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quick wrap

Greetings from Athens. Stinking hot, bitching tired, dying for food and sleep. Arrived here at 02:00am this morning, and then spent the day on site with a Customer, during the evaluation phase of a big deal. Luckily I had some strong coffee. :)

So, here's a little wrap of the last week or so:

  • Mum came to town, and went again, to the south of France (watch out for head-butters...)
  • Did a bit of touring with Mum, and saw some cool little towns that we wouldn't have seen by ourselves, z.B. Marburg. Will post some pics, unless B has done so already.
  • Tour de France is on again, and this time I am actually seeing less of it that when I was in Australia. The coverage is live every day, but I kinda have to work, so I miss it all. Kinda miss Phil's commentary too.
  • Jan Ullrich is out of the tour, as most probably know, but on his website he is still proclaiming his innocence (in German, of course). Read it here.
  • World Cup is over. I was truly shattered when Italy knocked Germany out of the final, but it was great to see the Germans rally behind their team, and support them and celebrate with them after their win in the 3rd/4th game, just like they had won.
  • Not happy that the Italians won, simply because they beat Australia and Germany.

Ok, that's enough, as I wanna fall asleep while typing this.