Sunday, October 29, 2006

Two things I didn't expect...

Got up this morning to go to the Airport to fly to Norway. Thought I should turn on the PC to check the weather in Oslo, and I discovered 2 things I didn't expect:

1. The high for the week in Oslo will be 3C;
2. The clocks went back 1hr last night, so now I have an extra hour to kill.

Oh well. Good thing is that the clocks didn't go forward 1 hour, or we would have been in trouble.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Für die, die Deutsch können...

Belinda hat Angst, daß dieser Blog nur ein Videosarchiv wird. Aber, ich denke, daß diese Videos lohnen sich, für die Leute, die Deutsch sprechen/verstehen können.

Vorher gab es eine Werbung über deutsche Leute, die nicht lesen können. Danach kamen diese Parodien. Viel Spaß...

Kein Ostdeutsch...

Kein Bayerisch...

Es gibt auch eine Parodie des Films "Tarzan - König des Dschungels", die darum geht, was die Deutschen von den Türken halten...


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Peter Andre and Wifey-poos get their song on

Peter Andre (remember him? ) and his wife (talent, but in the wronge department) got their song on at some benefit concert recently, tackling "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.

Apparently they audio on the video was fairly heavily produced to make Wifey-poos sound here is the audio as it was "reportedly" heard.

A Whole New World (of pain)



PS: Extra bonus for ya! Here are some of the worst moments of German Popstars history (I am addicted to this show!). You don't need to understand the judges...just listen to the singing.

{Removed because it always starts to play when I load the blog to check for comments. The video is here.}

Sunday, October 15, 2006


For a bit of fun type 'failure' into the google search filed and hit 'I'm feeling lucky'


Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Answer and the Hockey

Ok, firstly here is the answer:

Saying: Er atmet gesiebte Luft - He breaths sieved air
Meaning: He is in jail

Secondly, Bel and I had our second outing to the German Hockey last night. This time it was Frankfurt Lions playing host to the Straubing Tigers. It also happened to be the 15 Year Anniversary of the Lions first game in the League, so they played in their original strip...and I really wish that they didn't. :)

Above are the Original / Third jerseys. Pretty, huh?

Above are the home jerseys for this season.

And above are the away jerseys.

Thing that bugs me about the jerseys in this league is that the focus is on getting as much sponsorship as possible on the things, rather than having some distinguishing team markings. It also means that if you buy a jersey this season, it will definitely be out of date next season, as the sponsors will probably change. But, with that being said, the fans went nutty last night and were buying the new jersey like it was going out of fashion.

But, back to the game. Was a good game with Frankfurt winning 6:5 after 0:42 of overtime. Frankfurt did lead the game 5:2 at one point in time, but Staubingen came back very strongly, with a lot of help from Frankfurt penalties. I think that 4 of Staubingen's goals were scored on Power Plays, whereas Frankfurt scored 4 of theirs at even strength, one in a PP, and one when they were a man down, through a terrific breakaway, and a one-on-one battle with the goalie. Nice little last minute backhand flick into the top of the net from the right hand side was sweet!

Anyway, Josh and Pat, you would have loved it. :)


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cool saying

Not that I would get the chance to say it much, but I heard/learnt a new German saying today:

Er atmet gesiebte Luft - He breaths sieved air

So, what does it mean? You will find the answer in the comments after a few of you have a bit of a guess first.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lions or Löwen - MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Bel and I headed out to the Eishockey (Ice Hockey) last night to see the Frankfurt Lions take on the DEG Metro-Stars (from Düsseldorf). This was our first outing to see German Ice-Hockey, and hopefully not our last.

For those who don't have an interest in the game, some of the following may not make sense, but bear with me...if you want.

Anyway, the German game is a little different to the American style of hockey. To start with, the ice is wider than the NHL ice, and this creates more room for the players to move, and the potential for a more flowing style of hockey. Downside is there are less big hits. There also seems to be a distinct lack of fighting in the German game, where as it is an expected part of the NHL game, and is in fact regulated in the rule book. The crowds here also get very worked up every time there is a big hit, and start abusing the ref for not calling a penalty, when the hit is, in my mind, nothing more than a big hit. Oh well.

As for the arena - it is about the same size as "The Whit" at the University of New Hampshire, seating around 6,000 people, with some sections that are "standing room". Good side to this is that you are nice and close to the ice - we were 4 rows from the front, behind the opposition's net.

As for the game, it was pretty good, with Frankfurt winning 2:1 in the final minutes of the 3rd period.

A few points:
  1. Skating skills are pretty good
  2. Frankfurt's passing, offense, and defense was appauling
  3. Frankfurt's penalty killing was pretty damn good, shutting down a number of 3-on-5 power-play opportunities
  4. The atmosphere in the arena is pretty good, as the fan clubs bring in drums and the likes, so there is a lot of noise to encourage the teams
  5. If you thought that chanting was limited to soccer, then you are wrong
  6. Frankfurt needs to decide if they are the Lions or Löwen. The team is the Lions, but the crowd cheers for the Löwen...maybe confusing the players, and hence some bad passing
Sorry for a crap blog, but I am sure that Josh will get some kicks out of it.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We got wheels!

On Saturday Bel and I caught the train into Frankfurt and went shopping for Inline Skates. Thought that they may inspire us to get out on the weekends, do a bit of exercise, and have a bit of fun at the same time.

So, apart from getting bugger all help in the store, we finally got ourselves kitted out, with everything at about 40%-50% discount, due to the fact that winter is rapidly approaching.

Sunday we headed out with the plan to head to Bad Homburg on our skates, but gave up on that pretty quickly when we realised that we suck, and that we need practise. So, instead, we headed into some corn-fields, that have paved paths through them, and gave it a bit of a go. The practise wasn't very long, as it started to rain, but we were getting the general hang of it by the end...

Now, if only winter would hold off for a few more weeks, and if the sun would shine instead of it pissing down rain, we could have a bit of fun.