Sunday, April 29, 2007

Die Tour geht weiter...Zweiter Teil

Today, a rollerblade tour around Friedrichsdorf...

B rolling through the corn fields behind our block. These will grow massively in the next few weeks.

B giving her all to get up a hill after crossing under the train tracks. Had to be proud of her for not coating the jocks in chocolate sauce...

Part of the Friedrichsdorf cemetary. Die Atmosphäre war tot langweilig...


The world famous Friedrichsdorf train station...if the World consists of just Friedricsdorf...

Am Houllier Platz. There is a playground for kids here, and always heaps of people out and about eating ice-cream.

Das war's eigentlich...


How Nerds exercise...

Gone are the days of "Chariots of Fire", where men ran in white pants and white shirts. Gone are the days of analog watches and coaches wearing suits and corially commenting "Come on ol' chap! Give it a bit more for the Queen!" or shit like that. This is how us nerds exercise in the modern age...

Rollerblades, heart rate monitor and corresponding watch, mobile phone with bluetooth capability, Bluetooth GPS receiver.

The result is...

A kick arse map from Google Earth that shows the lap that I did on my rollerblades in 14:08min, with a max heart rate of 181, and an average heart rate of 160bpm.

Nerdy or what?


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eine Tour durch unser deutsches Leben... Erster Teil

or "A Tour through our german Life... Part 1".

These are some pics in and around our apartment in Friedrichsdorf.

Our bedroom from the hallway. The little moose wearing the German flag is from Ikea.

And from another angle. The flag on the wall helps us remember why we don't talk like the others do.

Our little sitting area, which is quite nice in Summer. The kitchen, bedroom, and living room all lead out onto here.

And this time from the lounge room, over to the hedge which was completely without leaves 2 weeks ago.

Lounge room from the hall. Also known as "your room" if you come and stay...fully equiped with fold out comfy couch and plants.

And from another angle, looking back to the hallway.

Kitchen from the hallway, looking out into the back yard. Luckily everything was already there when we moved in.

Kitchen looking back to the hallway

Never claimed it would be an interesting tour...


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Photos from my Palm

Strange but cool ice formation on the roof of my car one morning.

This was at one of my Customers. Dunno that I would enjoy this as either of the participants in the two man show. In one case you would have to 1s while smelling the other guy's 2s, and in the other case you better wear a raincoat to deal with the splashback.

This one's for Damo. Gotta love a film called Jism. And this wasn't in the porn section of the video store either (which is quite large...).

View out the window of our office. We have been told that we have the nicest office in all of Germany, and mainly because of the views from the 5th floor.

This is the unfortunate number plate of our friend's new boyfriend. The "RA" indicates where in Germany the car is registered, and the "PE" is for his company. Apparently they have 1002, 1003, and 1004 as company cars.

Sauerkraut or Beetroot juice anyone? WTF?!?!?!

This is essentially chicken soup in a jar. Made us wanna boff with the big arsed lumps of chicken in there.

Even Dunkin' Donuts has made it to Berlin. Mmmmmm....Hazelnut Great One....


The head of the brush flies through the air...

After shopping in the outlet malls in Bremen over Easter we had to pull in and fill the car up for the trip back to Westerstede (a friend's family has a farm there). While the car was filling up, B decided to fill up that thing where the water goes to wash the windscreen, and I decided to clean the corpses of the dead bugs off the windscreen (spring has it's downsides...).

As I have always done, I grab that squeegy/brush thing and wash the windscreen, and then start to squeegy the water off. Drag...flick the water behind me...drag...flick the water behind me. This process was repeated a number of times with a good success ratio. Then after one flick I bring the squeegy thing forward to have another go at the windscreen...and the head of the squeegy thing comes flying off...soars over the bonnet of our car...buzzes the tower of B's head...keeps flying...and thuds into the side of another car that was there filling up. Apparently the look on my face as this happened was priceless...or so the passengers in the back seat of our car told me. Especially the look on my face as I was standing there looking at what used to be a squeegy, but now was nothing more than a wet stick.

Luckily there was nobody in the other car at the time, and the owner was also nowhere to be found. Luckily there wasn't any damage done to the other car either...

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Like a bridge into troubled water...

Or very calm water. I didn't take this picture, but did see basically the same view out of the plane window as we left Copenhagen today. This is the Great Belt Bridge that joins Sweden and Denmark.

Here you can see how the bridge just disappears without a trace into the ocean...or so it seems. Obviously the bridge leads into a tunnel that completes the connection between the two countries for the first time since the Ice Ages. Kinda cool, huh?

Because I am a nice guy, here is a link to the page that I stole the picture from. This guy/girl also has a bunch of other pictures of similar constructions from around the world. I realised by looking at the photos of the one in Virginia that this is done so that the boats can still sail the stretch where the bridge never was.