Sunday, June 10, 2007

"To all the girls I've loved before, who travelled in and out this door..."

Don't know why that song popped into my head right now, but it inspired me to think about something...

When I left Australia, some friends at work gave me a photo of my friends at my company that Trentini put together from a bunch of other photos that he got his dirty little hands on. As I walked in the door the other day, I saw this photo, and among all the sentimental feelings that one gets when one sees such a photo, I realised how many of the people in the photo don't work with me anymore.

So, here's the Honour Roll (nicknames used where possible to protect the innocent):
Big Sal
The Tweenies (expected as they were only students)

The ones that remain:

So, to those who died in action - hope things are going well for you on the other side, and that we still keep in touch with each other every now and then.

To those who survived, and have the scars to prove it...DON'T LEAVE ME!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Was mache ich gerade?

So, what am I up to at the moment?

Bel is in Vietnam, so I am at home bored and alone. Because of that I have been to the pool 2 times in 3 days, for a total of 3.8km. I used to be able to do that in a single session in the pool, but now that I am halfway between 29 and dead, it is a little harder. There was even a squad swimming in the lanes next to me today, and some of them were swimming faster than is a while since that happened, and it was kinda depressing. It also reminded me how much fun I used to have swimming for Geelong Swimming Club and the Waterlions "back in the day". Die wichtige Sache ist, daß ich eine Zwiebel an meinem Gürtel hatte, was damals in der Mode war...

Other than that, I have managed to get us tickets to two upcoming concerts in Frankfurt and surrounds.
The first concert is in July, and is from the German entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The guy is called Roger Cicero, and he busts out some good swing/lounge tunes in German. Very cool stuff. Better than the music are the lyrics - einfach Spitze.
The second gig is in October, and is a German band called Wir sind Helden (we are heros). I had heard this group a couple of times on the radio, without knowing who they were, and I really liked them. Then we went home at Xmas, and Benny happened to have their second CD Von hier an Blind (from here on blind). I bought a copy of this when I was back in Germany, as well as their first album, and their recently released 3rd album. These guys are tops, and I am really looking forward to this gig.

So, the question is, should I buy tickets to Die Ärzte (the Doctors) in November? Guess I will have to check with Bel on that one, as I don't think she is the biggest fan of this German Punk band...

Later y'all.