Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa, Surfing, Snow...

Took Belinda's parents and sister up Feldberg yesterday to enjoy the view - we had no idea what an interesting view it would be on this particular day.

Firstly, let me set the scene:

That's right - freezing f'n cold. It was around -5.5C, with a wind chill factor to about -15C. Not a place for the faint at heart. Then we saw this:

That right there is a model in a bikini, with a surfboard, getting photographed. Before I snuck this shot we saw here kicking around in a skimpy Santa suit. When we were driving back down Feldberg she nearly caused an accident as we saw her getting photographed TOPLESS! That's right, TOPLESS in -5.5C weather!

Merry Xmas. :)