Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Europameisterschaft - how cool is that then?!?!?!

Being an Aussie, I couldn't have given less of a crap about the European Cup in the past if I tried. But now that I am living in Europe it takes on a whole new appeal. Of the 6 games that have been played so far I have seen all 6 in their complete length.

2 really cool things that have happened so far:

1. The flags on the cars are back!
During the World Cup, everyone went nutty and started hanging little flags from their cars, showing where their allegiances lay. Most cars had German flags, of course, but there were also a bunch with flags of the other countries. Now that the European Cup has started the flags are back! It is awesome to see so many ppl driving around with their flags out, showing their support for their country. A friend put one on our car on Sunday on the way to watch the game at another friend's house - poor little flag didn't survive the trip on the autobahn...but it's in a better place now.

2. The Netherlands kicked the living crap out of Italy!!!
Now I call that revenge! Revenge for cheating and beating us in the world cup! Revenge exacted by a third party, on our behalf, without even knowing they were doing it! Netherlands 3:0 Italy. Revenge is sweet. :)

Now, if only Australia could get special consideration and be allowed to play in the Euro...