Tuesday, September 08, 2009

German pregnany vocab

So every new experience brings with it a new set of vocab we need to learn, and the vocab related to pregnancy has some funny ones...

Mutterkuchen - Mothercake - placenta
Muttermund - Mothermouth - cervix
Fruchtwasser - Fruitwater - amniotic fluid
Fruchtblase - Fruitbladder - amniotic sack
Fruchtbar - Fruitable - fertile
Entbindung - unbind - delivery/birth
Wehe - pains - contractions (that one is actually more honest)
Wann ist der Termin? - when is the appointment? - When are you due?
Ein Braten im Ofen - A roast in the oven - A bun in the oven (we haven't found an equivalent for Brush's favorite - 'up the duf')

A few weeks ago one of Brush's workmate, who knew I was pregnant, commented to Brush that my diet must be bad/lacking since I was so tired... When Brush told me this I got really mad, and told Brush that he had to go back and tell this guy that I was baking a Mothercake and it takes a lot of energy to heat an oven... I am not sure Brush passed on the message though


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